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Below are a few sample questions from each of the four assessments that make up the online screening tool to help hire quality caregivers.

Personality Assessment (70 questions)
(Not at all true, Slightly true, Somewhat true, Fairly true, Very true)

1. Too much planning on the job can get in the way of enjoying things.
2. I have never told a lie on purpose at work.
3. Trying new things at work is more important than following the rules.
4. I always make a detailed plan before I begin any job.
5. Sometimes on the job I find it a bit hard to be sympathetic with others.
6. I find that work teams are mostly a waste of time.

Cognitive Assessment – (30 questions) This test is timed at 7 minutes.
(5 multiple choice answers for each question.)

If two lemons cost 15 cents, how many can be bought for 60 cents?
ten       six       eight       nine       seven

SOUND is to ECHO as LIGHT is to
reflect       bright       outside       repeat       noise

A person whose fault it is can be called:
candid       venal       venerable       radical       culpable

Attitudes Assessment – (140 questions) *Three optional scales can be removed; computer misuse, sexual harassment, substance abuse.     

All people tell “white lies”.

If somebody uses an illegal drug, it’s nobody’s business but his or her own.

It’s alright to get into a fight if somebody else starts it.

Most people share confidential information about their company with others.

It’s hard to keep motivated when the boss is not around.

Asking too many questions at work makes you look dumb.

I sometimes try to hide my mistakes.

I have bought an item when I knew that it had been stolen.

At least once I have used an illegal drug at work or shortly before going to work.

Engagement Assessment (30 questions)
(Not at all true, Slightly true, Somewhat true, Fairly true, Very true)

My job contributes to my sense of well-being.

I am personally motivated to help my employer succeed.

I am willing to put in a lot of effort beyond what is normally expected.

By and large, a job is just a job.